Earn Bitcoin in Indonesia

Let your Bitcoin grow with BlockFi

BlockFi is a US company based in New York and the first to get approved by US Regulations to operate as a wealth management platform to earn interest on your Bitcoin. You can also receive loans by staking your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency as collateral.

Their interest rates are very competitive compared to other saving accounts. They have received support from high regarded investors such as Morgan Creek and Winkelvoss Capital: Owners of Gemini Exchange and co-founders of Facebook.

Here we dive a little deeper how the company works and how you can earn interest on your Bitcoin

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BlockFi Interest Account

BlockFi allows people to earn interest rates on their cryptocurrency (currently BTC, ETH, and GUSD). 

Here are the reasons why we recommend BlockFi:

It keeps the cryptocurrency secure with the Gemini Trust that is regulated by New York Department of Financial Services.

BlockFi services are for everyone in the world, including Indonesia!

You can withdraw your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency from the platform at any time. You get a free Bitcoin withdrawal once per month

The registration is free, easy and fast!